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Over thirty years of experience with United States Customs ensuring and providing our clients a superior level of expertise with the same kind of high level results they should expect. We have mastered the skills necessary to deliver to our clients what they’ll need.

Over the years we have worked in partnership with and developed a working relationship with the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development and the New Hampshire Office of International Commerce providing expert counsel and advice to the manufacturing industry through state of New Hampshire sponsored training seminars. We have also collaborated with internal Customs regulators when it was necessary to investigate and uncover suspected trade violations. Accordingly, our years of international practice has equipped us with an extensive knowledge of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, Title 19 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations and U.S. export regulations including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, (ITAR).

Glenn Page
Glenn Page, President & Founder

With over 30 years of experience with US Customs Glenn has attained a knowledge and perspective that translates into solutions and value for his clients. His work with Customs has given him an expertise in the areas of Customs compliance, NAFTA, foreign trade zones, the harmonized tariff schedule, ITAR, classification and value, import/export laws, the Customs regulations, etc. He has worked alongside other federal agencies such as the U.S. Commerce Department, U.S. State Department, Customs Regulatory Auditors, U.S. Customs Investigators, state agencies such as the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development, the New Hampshire Office of International Trade, and many others. Glenn’s experience extends to locations such as Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Boston, Portsmouth New Hampshire, Portland, ME, the northern border and Customs Headquarters in Washington DC. As part of his resume he has received Eighteen sustained superior performance awards, been nominated for “U. S. Customs Inspector of the Year”, received national recognition from U.S. Customs, Department of the Treasury for an unqualified report while conducting an audit on behalf of the U.S. Treasury Office of Inspector General, and received the U.S Customs Commissioner’s Unit Citation Award for contributions to the Cuban Trade Embargo.

Areas of Concentration

  • Export Management Compliance Program Implementation
  • Analysis and Identification of non-compliance
  • Avoiding Customs fines, penalties and forfeitures
  • Recognizing Supply Chain Risks
  • Protecting and safeguarding your brand