Core Services

  • Export Management Compliance

    A comprehensive operational compliance program includes a strategy that articulates and implements standards that are consistent with the Export Administration Regulations and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.  An Export Management Compliance Program should be implemented with the minimal amount of interference in your day to day operations and accomplish the fundamental goal of protecting your business, its employees and the national security of the United Sates.

  • Global Trade Compliance and Management

    For businesses that are engaged in global trade, establishing and properly managing a Customs compliance program is essential to reducing the exposure and the inherent risk associated with non-compliance. It is critically important to develop and utilize a strategy and set of comprehensive guidelines. For that reason, by performing a systematic and detailed assessment, I will identify deficiencies and weaknesses within your business and integrate new methods and approaches that will minimize and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

  • Protecting and Safeguarding Your Brand

    Your hard earned reputation is everything. To lose that reputation as a result of non-compliance could cost you your business. By employing best practices such as C-TPAT, (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) your business will be placed in a better protected position. As CBP has stated on their website, “C‐TPAT members are considered low‐risk and are therefore less likely to be examined.” It is our goal to see that you minimize your risk and reduce the likelihood of tarnishing your reputation.

  • Procedural, Logistical and Supply Chain Challenges

    I will assist you in identifying opportunities within your organization and help you develop and implement a comprehensive, coherent business plan consistent with the Customs regulations. With  extensive industry knowledge and expertise I can formulate and create new opportunities within the framework of this complex regulatory environment. My years of practice enable me to skillfully and creatively guide and direct those clients who may be in a position to benefit from participation in Foreign Trade Zones, Bonded Warehouses, etc. My goal is to equip your business and give it the necessary tools to grow, expand and capture the competitive advantage.